Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park

Norfolk Bluebell Wood was created by Andrew and Caroline Morton who were captivated by the ancient bluebell wood with its floor carpeted with millions of spring blooms. A natural burial park was conceived to create a calming oasis of tranquillity, connecting people and nature.

George Morton Snr affectionately known as ‘Papa’ came down from Scotland in 1941 to establish a dairy herd in Skeyton. Andrew’s father George Morton Jnr then took over the managing of the farm, growing it into a family farm supporting four sons. Andrew is the third generation to manage the farm on behalf of his wider family and purchased farmland at Hainford in 2008 securing the farm for the next generation.

The Park offers an alternative to more traditional venues and the opportunity to create a very personal funeral within a natural setting of historic significance. For almost 300 years, the land at Norfolk Bluebell Wood played an important role in the global understanding of the effects the seasons have on plants and animals. The wood is clearly marked as ‘Old Lady’s Wood’ on the 1792 map of Norfolk.

The estate was the home of Robert Marsham (1708-1797), a celebrated English naturalist and founding father of phenology – the study of the effects of the seasons on plants and animals, now overseen by The Woodland Trust.

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