Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park

Andrew Morton

Founder Andrew has created Norfolk Bluebell Wood as a fulfilment of a seven year vision to connect people and nature centred on the established ancient woodland. Having visited numerous burial grounds throughout the UK and Europe his focus is on maintaining a environmentally sustainable and financially balanced Park using his extensive knowledge of land management with a background in agricultural business.

Caroline Morton

Caroline has been involved with Norfolk Bluebell Wood since its inception and is responsible for promoting the values of the Park. She has a professional background and is passionate about providing the best possible experience for loved ones at their time of need.

Matthew Greaves

Matthew is a local man and sees his position as a very privileged one; being able to help people celebrate a loved one’s life and to lay them to rest in a peaceful part of Norfolk. The service offered at Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park, is what really drives him with his role being integral to creating and preserving a beautiful piece of countryside for future generations. With a varied career as well as personal experience, Matthew is undoubtedly prepared for carrying out his role at the Park. It is with great thanks to the people who choose Norfolk Bluebell Wood as their resting place; for it is with their commitment and confidence that we can make a difference.

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We have prepared a brochure that will provide helpful information about natural burials, interments and ash scattering in one of our peaceful habitats.

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