Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park
  1. We recommend the use of a Funeral Director; however we permit families to conduct their own service if preferred.
  1. No interment is permitted without the appropriate Registrar’s certificate or Coroner’s order for burial. All forms must be received by the Park at least two working days before the burial is to take place.
  1. Coffins or shrouds must be made of wicker, softwood, cardboard or other biodegradable material. They must not be decorated with any oil-based paints.
  1. Scattering of ashes will only be allowed in the Robert Marsham Glade. This is the only designated area for ash scattering.
  1. All memorials must be purchased through Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park.
  1. Only one memorial (i.e. wooden post and plaque or memorial stone) and wooden vase is permitted on the grave. No varnish, gloss or satin is allowed.
  1. Only fresh cut floral tributes can be left on the grave. Wreaths or flowers in any form of wrapping or packaging are not permitted. Any flowers left will be removed after they have deteriorated. Please ensure all litter is taken home.
  1. All woodland is managed to ensure its long-term health and safety. This involves a strategic tree management programme.
  1. The tree management programme is implemented in accordance with various wildlife programmes and ensures best horticultural practice. Grass pathways are cut as and when deemed necessary and other areas are cut once a year, to ensure wildlife habitats remain undisturbed.
  1. No refunds can be given after reservation although burial rights can be assigned on production of the original receipt and written instructions from the grave owner and payment of an administration fee.
  1. Full payment must be received at the time of reservation and before any interment can take place. Exclusive rights of burial last for 99 years.
  1. Smoking and vaping is only permitted in the car park. Please take cigarette butts home.
  1. Dogs must remain on a short lead at all times. The owner assumes responsibility for cleaning up after their dog and must be respectful of all burial plots.
  1. All visitors must give due considered privacy and respect to all other Park visitors. Children must be closely supervised at all times. Mobile and electronic devices must be on silent or switched off.
  1. Barbecues or picnics are not permitted in the Park.
  1. The Park is a natural landscape therefore graves cannot be tended, manicured or any form of edging or fencing placed on them. Any such items will be removed immediately.
  1. Please do not pick the wild flowers or fungi. In order to protect native species no planting is permitted.
  1. All vehicles including contents are parked at the owner’s risk. Parking is only permitted in designated spaces. Vehicles including bicycles are not permitted beyond the car park.
  1. Please keep to the paths and do not walk over marked burial plots.
  1. Norfolk Bluebell Wood is a natural setting. We do not permit jam jars, plastic bottles, vases or wooden baskets etc. Equally, cuddly toys, wooden or similar toys or photographs are not permitted.
  1. Out of hours pedestrian access is available from dawn to dusk at the eastern edge of the Park, near the old church.  Out of hours pedestrian access is permitted at your own risk.

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