Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions, however, we have compiled some frequently asked questions and answers.

  • Do I need to appoint a funeral director?
    We recommend that you do, although families may conduct their own ceremony if preferred. You need to bear in mind that no interment is permitted without the appropriate Registrar’s certificate or Coroner’s order. A funeral director will ensure all formal regulations are taken care of and that the necessary forms have been received by us two working days before the burial takes place.
  • What is the long-term plan for Norfolk Bluebell Wood?
    A percentage of each purchase is reserved and allocated to maintain all the facilities and woodland at Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park. We have a full landscape management plan implemented to allow managed natural regeneration to occur, giving the Park back to permanent woodland. By doing this, we benefit the wildlife and environment for generations to come and ensure friends and relations a tranquil place to visit and reflect on their memories.
  • What tributes can I leave on my loved one's grave?
    Only fresh-cut floral funeral tributes may be left. Wreaths or flowers in any form of wrapping are not permitted to be left on the plot. You may not leave jam jars, plastic bottles, vases or wooden baskets. Toys – cuddly or otherwise – are not permitted, nor are photographs. Only one approved oak memorial plaque or stone memorial and one wooden vase is permitted on the plot. No varnish, gloss or satin is allowed on either. Flowers left at the grave will be removed once deteriorated.
  • My loved one adored roses. May I plant one on her grave in her memory?
    No, as planting on the site is carefully managed as we have to ensure the health and safety of all native species. Similarly, nothing growing in the Park may be picked or dug up – including fungi. The Park’s environment management programme is implemented in accordance with the best horticultural, arboreal and wildlife practices. Wildlife habitats must remain undisturbed so grass pathways are cut as and when deemed necessary and other areas are cut twice a year.
  • Are there any restrictions on the materials a coffin can be made of?
    Coffins or shrouds must be made of wicker, softwood, cardboard or other biodegradable material and must not be decorated with oil-based paints.
  • Where can I scatter my loved one’s ashes?
    The Robert Marsham glade is the dedicated area for ash scattering. We ask that the boundaries of this area be respected.
  • Does it have to be a religious service?
    No, we embrace all faiths and denominations and those with no religious faith. The Burial Park is not consecrated, however Individual graves can be blessed.
  • Where may I park my car?
    Vehicles must be parked in designated spaces within the car park. No vehicles, including bicycles, are allowed beyond the car park. All vehicles, including contents, are left at the owner’s risk. A four seater electric golf cart is available for people with mobility problems.
  • How do we arrange a Funeral at Norfolk Bluebell Wood?
    We welcome you to telephone or visit and speak to our caring staff to discuss your funeral needs. We also work closely with Funeral Directors, Clergy and other Secular organisations who can advise you making sure all needs and wishes are satisfied.
  • Can we bring our dog?
    Dogs are welcome, though must remain on a short lead at all times. The owner assumes responsibility for cleaning up after their dog.
  • When do you require payment?
    Full payment must be received at the time of reservation and before any interment can take place. Pre – Purchase reserves the burial plot at today’s price once full payment has been received.
  • What if my burial plans change after I have reserved a plot?
    Burial rights can be assigned on production of the original receipt and written instructions from the registered burial plot owner and payment of an administration fee.
  • How will I find the burial plot?
    We hold a digital plan to reference each burial plot, our staff will also be able to help visitors help locate it.
  • Why Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park?
    We have experienced highly trained caring staff making sure that families receive emotional support at their time of need. Our beautiful setting of four different habitats offer an unparalleled choice with a blend of ancient woodland and wildflower meadows giving everyone a grave to meet their specific needs.
  • Are there a specific times for a funeral ?
    We will accommodate families’ wishes to allow mourners privacy to conduct a dignified service allowing a minimum of two hours.

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