Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park

What makes a natural burial unique?

Natural burials – whether burial or ash interment – allow you and your loved ones to have a positive experience that celebrates a person’s life in the beautiful surroundings of Norfolk Bluebell Wood.

You will find there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach here. Every person’s funeral is a unique experience, free from many of the constraints that exist in other settings.

Ceremonies at the Norfolk Bluebell Wood can be led by the family or a religious representative. The choice is very much yours, and you will be free to conduct your ceremony in a relaxed, dignified manner. Families are free to wander around the park. Some choose to have the interment before the service, some after. Some people have an unwitnessed scattering and attend a service later. Some take the time to speak to their loved one at the graveside, free from the constraints of a more traditional setting.

Many of our visitors comment on how unhurried they found the experience. Although they certainly have a role to play, crematoria and other locations can often have families from the next service waiting to arrive as you leave. We aim to give friends and families at least two hours, giving you ample time to make the most of the ceremony.

We provide the well-appointed Cedar Hall which is available for hire to accommodate guests before or after an interment.

A calm place for reflection

The unique location of the historic woodland is the perfect place for quiet reflection. We encourage visitors to come at any time, and you will find many beautiful spots to explore as you come to pay your respects. We benefit from excellent transport links into Norwich and the coast. Despite this proximity, you could be forgiven for thinking we are much more remote. Free from the noise of busy roads, roundabouts and day-to-day life, visitors will be greeted by the sound of bird song and the gentle rustle of grasses in the wildflower meadows. Exploring the Bluebell Wood you will find the soft blanket of leaves and mosses creates a wonderfully hushed environment, bringing a stillness and tranquility that is unparalleled in other resting places. We think this is a truly unique setting that is a joy and comfort to visit, and we hope you will agree.

Natural burials and the environment

Natural burials are a wonderful way to honour someone’s life. The calm, tranquil landscape of the Norfolk countryside is a beautiful final resting place, and we welcome people of any faith or none. Choosing a natural burial has wider ecological implications as well.

Norfolk Bluebell Wood is a thriving ecosystem that is carefully managed to preserve this biodiversity far into the future. We are actively planting new woodland habitats for the next generation to enjoy. By choosing a natural burial, you and your loved ones are helping to preserve a piece of Norfolk countryside that will be a thriving oasis of wildlife – now and in the future.

For that reason, we place some restrictions on the types of coffin that can be used. All coffins and shrouds must be biodegradable with no oil-based products. Our aim is to create an environmentally sustainable ecosystem where new life arises from the old. Memorials are restricted to oak plaques, or in some locations stone markers. We ask you do not plant anything within the grounds, since the planting scheme has been carefully planned to support some of the rare fauna that thrive within the Park. Visit the Habitat pages to see what flora and fauna can be found here.

Download our Brochure

We have prepared a brochure that will provide helpful information about natural burials, interments and ash scattering in one of our peaceful habitats.

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