Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park

When my husband, Jeff, died unexpectedly, other than that we had agreed we both wanted a woodland burial, I had nothing to go on but my gut instincts! I knew only of one natural burial site at the time, but my son suggested we ‘googled’ “woodland burial parks in Norfolk”.  There you were!  It was an overcast, damp day when my sister, son and I set out on our ‘recky’.  First stop was the Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park, even though it was closed, we took the liberty of walking around the site. It was pretty much spontaneous and certainly unanimous, that THIS was the place that Jeff would be happy to be laid to rest.

Jeff was a very shy, private man, a professed atheist, lover of nature, order, peacefulness, and a certain amount of solitude. He was a very talented pianist, loved gardening and had a need to sail on a regular basis.  Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park reflected all these aspects of his character (well maybe not the sailing!).  The ceremony we held for his burial was entirely bespoke. We had taped music, a soprano soloist, and a choir.  We had the use of the entire venue for the whole day if we wished, as there were no other burials booked in for that day.

As for the business side of things, I hadn’t got a clue about what I had to do or how to go about it!  Matthew and the team, behind the scenes, gently guided me through every stage step by step. They obviously care passionately about their line of work and the families they support.

Since Jeff’s burial, I have enjoyed further contact with Norfolk Bluebell Wood.  Jeff was the Musical Director of Mundesley Community Choir. They wanted to leave a legacy in his memory, so earlier this year, a small group of us from the choir, planted 500 snowdrop bulbs in front of the new Cedar Hall. We were cheered in our work by a warm welcome from Matthew, together with coffee and biscuits, all of which were much appreciated on a rather soggy morning. The choir also hope to sing at this year’s Remembrance Service in December; again as a tribute to Jeff and also in celebration of the wonderful work this place does, both with the maintenance and care of the Park in offering such a tranquil setting as well as providing the bereaved with a peaceful place to visit, at any time, knowing there will be a warm welcome.

Thank you, Andrew, Caroline, Matthew and team.

Mundesley Community Choir ready to plant snowdrops

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