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There is a lot to think about when the unthinkable happens. It can be hard to know what needs to be done and the best way to go about this when you are suffering a loss. At Norfolk Bluebell Wood, we believe in providing all of the information you need in order to make the right decisions at a difficult time.

This month, we have Peter Rock from Acorn Urns, sharing his expertise on biodegradable urns.

Biodegradable ARKA Acorn Urns are ideal for the burial of cremation ashes, particularly in natural settings, like Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park.

From the feedback we regularly receive from natural burial grounds, funeral directors and celebrants, the eye-catching shape of the Acorn Urns and our range of eight colours, has helped many families to find a very happy and appropriate vessel for the ashes of their friends, or family members.

Our Acorn Urns are made from moulded recycled paper and the base is further decorated with a special, coloured paper made from mulberry pulp. The unique pattern of long fibrous strands in each sheet brings a subtle relief of light and dark to the overall colour, which adds to the already natural feel and shape of the urn.

The domed lid, with its crinkled outer surface, wonderfully reflects the acorn cap and our essential finishing touch of a twist of tissue paper is in every sense, the crowning glory.

By popular demand we recently expanded the range of Acorn Urn colours to eight and that includes a very striking gold effect, using Dutch gold leaf. The foil is applied on top of a dark red paper, which adds an underlying richness to any small splits and wrinkles that naturally occur in the foil and adds wonderfully to the overall effect.

The most popular colour in the range is, perhaps not surprisingly, Moss Green, with the close resemblance it brings to the real thing, but we sense that changes are afoot. There is a positive and growing interest in all of the other bright colours we offer, as the number of families wanting to experience and participate in more personal ceremonies and celebrations at the burial and scattering of ashes, increases.


Cremation remains the most popular choice of funeral in the UK and while that’s often suggested as being for financial reasons, I wonder whether it’s also because it enables families more than one occasion to honour and celebrate the life of the friend or family member who has died.

The cremation provides the first opportunity, by choosing the coffin design that most aptly reflects their character and creating the ceremony that most suitably conveys their life.

The collection of the ashes can be an unexpectedly significant and powerful moment and after bringing the container home many people find themselves stuck in knowing what they want to do with them. I know from stories told by friends and anecdotes from funeral directors and celebrants that many an ashes container can be ‘tucked away’ for quite some time, and often in the oddest of places, before the family feels ready to let them go.

This is the stage where the choice of the ashes container becomes as important as the original choice of the coffin and the creation ceremony that accompanies it.

And as death and funerals have become much more openly discussed and featured in the media, families are feeling more and more comfortable in breaking with the sombre Victorian traditions that have prevailed for so long.

Woodland burial sites have played a very important part in that relaxation, enabling families and friends to absolutely return to nature and feel a much deeper connection with the ebb and flow of life and death.

We know that our Acorn Urns regularly play a key role in these very personal ceremonies and pivotal family moments and our small team here in Brighton, East Sussex are very conscious of that and honoured to be included.

For further information about ARKA Acorn Urns, please contact Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park.

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