Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park

Having conceived Norfolk Bluebell Wood and help care for our families over the last two years and nine months I wanted to reconnect with myself and the passion that underpinned my desire to establish our beautiful tranquil Burial Park.

This took me on a journey of discovery on five day immersive residential course based at the Eden project in Cornwall.
‘The Nature of Leadership’ was as far away as you could get from a traditional power point business course as you can imagine! Totally and unbelievably amazing with three superb facilitators Rich, (Who had spent a lot of his life with native tribes) Tom (who still is involved in game reserves in Botswana) and Pam (who was one of the very first employees).

Education Centre, the Eden Project
Education Centre, the Eden Project

We were guided by them to learn lessons from nature and how as human beings we can begin to connect back into this primeval force that has been in our DNA for ever. The Eden project (which is an educational charity) was conceived by the visionary Sir Tim Smit – he spoke to us on our first evening there in the rainforest biome where we ate dinner surrounded by waterfalls, rainforest and frogs!

This is the biggest rainforest in captivity in an old china clay pit; at the time of building construction the scaffolding was the largest erected in the world and the excavation of earth was the largest in Europe.

Our course was about connecting with eight different people (we were all total strangers and now firm friends) in the natural habitat (most learning took place outside) understanding ourselves and our deepest emotions and guiding each other to become better versions of ourselves in this one wild and precious life.

I was humbled to be their and connect with eight people from different backgrounds all with one common goal and I look forward to introducing my family to the wonderful tranquil Eden project in Cornwall.

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