Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park

Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park is the result of a vision from the minds of the Morton family. Andrew  developed the park with dedicated staff and local businesses, transforming the land into a peaceful and tranquil environment that allows individuals to spend time and reflect on loved ones that have passed away. What you may not know is that this land is steeped in history and helped begin a larger project that still runs today.

Robert Marsham (1708-1797) was an English naturalist who to this day is considered the founding father of phenology, which is the study of the effects of the seasons on plants and animals. Being forward thinking meant that Robert could understand the complexity of this subject and his legacy is continued with the support of The Woodland Trust.

You may wonder how Robert Marsham and his studies leads to the history of our park. As a local man from Stratton Strawless, Robert completed his work and research around the area and that’s where we come in. For over 300 years, the land now known as Norfolk Bluebell Wood played a large and important role in the global understanding about the effect each season has on the plants and animals. On the 1792 map of Norfolk, the area is marked as ‘Old Lady’s Wood’ which can still be seen today.

Robert Marshams Indication of Spring is of huge importance to today’s landscape. We are now facing the challenge of a rapidly warming planet and we need to know how the natural world responds to the climate in order to predict what may or may not happen in the future. Without the efforts from Marsham, we wouldn’t know how responsive spring events are to temperature and how not all species respond to the weather at the same rate.

More than anything else, it is very clear that the work of this great man is inspirational. If nothing else, he showed us how in a single human life time, it is possible to achieve something that will continue for decades to come.

As we continue with the development of the Bluebell wood, we will also continue with the studies on the wildlife and animals that may live amongst it. Along with working with The Woodland Trust to create an environmentally friendly place that everyone can appreciate both locally and further afield.

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