Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park

If you are planning for now or for the future, Norfolk Bluebell Wood can help you fulfil your wishes in one of our peaceful, natural burial habitats.

For an up-to-date list of prices, visit our Prices and Options page.

Full Burial

Double depth plots are available for two persons (single depth plots are also available) in all the habitats except in the Wildflower Meadow where all graves are single depth.  A memorial and wooden vase is available for purchase.

Ash Interment

An ash plot allows for the interment of two sets of ashes.  A memorial and wooden vase is available for purchase. An acorn urn can be purchased for the interment of ashes.

Ash Scattering

The Robert Marsham Glade provides for the surface scattering of ashes.  An aged bronze plaque can be placed on an oak obelisk in memory of your loved one for a period of ten years.

Download our Brochure

Our brochure will provide helpful information about burials, ash interment and scatterings in one of our peaceful habitats.

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