Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park

In keeping with the Park’s environmentally conscious ethos, we use biodegradable solid oak memorials to mark burial plots.

To ensure a consistent look that works harmoniously with the natural environment, we request that all memorials are purchased through the Park.

You are welcome to use a solid oak memorial post and plaque in the Bluebell Wood or Diamond Jubilee Wood.

Memorial Stones can be laid in the Diamond Jubilee Wood and in the Wildflower and Woodland Meadows.

Oak memorial post and plaques

We offer these bespoke memorials in a range of styles.


Memorial Stone

Memorial Prices

Visit the prices and options page for a complete list of all burial and memorial costs.

Sponsor a tree

10 Years £655
For the lifetime including memorial £1105

Sponsor a bird or bat box

Bird box £125
Bat box £125

Aged bronze plaque on wooden benches or oak memorial posts

Aged bronze plaque £175

Other memorial items

Oak post and plaque £355
Post cleaning or refurbishment £45
Replacement plaque £150
Replacement post £150
Memorial stone £355

Placement Fee

Placement Fee £25

Further Information

Prices are subject to annual review and depend on location within the Park. Prices are reviewed annually on 31st March.

A percentage of all burial plot purchases are reserved for the long-term maintenance of Norfolk Bluebell Wood Burial Park.

Download our Brochure

We have prepared a brochure that will provide helpful information about natural burials, interments and ash scattering in one of our peaceful habitats.

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